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May 8, 2009

Lucky Crystals is One!

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Lucky Crystals is 1 year old!

We have come quite a long way since we started out as a humble little blogshop. Today, we boast 10 different year-long designs and hundreds of variations, not to mention packages for holidays and special occasions. We have also expanded our sales beyond our shores into nearby Malaysia and as far away as the United States, including almost every country in between!

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary and to thank our loyal customers for all the support this past year, we are releasing a whole host of promotions and activities for all to enjoy.


Membership specials:
* 10% discount off year-long items, any day of the year.
* 5% discount off promotional items, during promotion period.
* Priority to buy limited edition items, while stocks last.
* Special members-only items. Non-members don’t get them.
* FREE shipping within Singapore and West Malaysia, no minimum purchase required.

To qualify:
– You must have spent at least S$1000 (or RM2400) between 8 May 2008 to 7 May 2009.
– You must have spent at least S$150 in the month prior to membership application.
(e.g. you spent S$100 or more in Feburary, your membership application will only be processed in March.)
– You must email to us the following details: Name, Gender, Address, Birthday.
The email address you use will be the email address we use to communicate with you, so please make sure you have in your white list or safe list.

If the email address you use is DIFFERENT from the Paypal email address attached to your customer account, a confirmation email will be sent to your Paypal email address. You will have to confirm that both email addresses belong to you before membership can be processed.

For more details about membership, do refer to our membership page.

Birthday Specials

We celebrate our birthday with everyone whose birthday falls in May!

Birthday specials:
* A gift from Lucky Crystals every year on your birthday.
* 10% discount off all Lucky Crystals purchases made in the month of May. 25% discount if your birthday falls exactly on 8th May!

To qualify:
– You must email to us the following details: Name, Gender, Address, Birthday.
– You must scan the front and back or take a digital picture of any photo identification of yourself (Singapore NRIC, Malaysia MyKad, driving license, passport) and email it to us.
– All orders made under the ‘Birthday Specials’ will only be sent to the residential address of the relevant account holder, as shown in the photo id. Updates of residential addresses must be accompanied with a scan of the updated photo id.
– If the payment is made by PayPal, the PayPal account owner’s name must match that of the name on the photo id.
– For cash-on-deliveries, the person collecting the goods must show us the proof of identity before the discounted goods can be transferred. Failure to do so may result in goods not released to you, or you may be required to pay the full price for them.

– LC


April 25, 2009

Mother’s Day 2009

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————-This seasonal offer has ended on 24th May 2009.————

Where love and care for their children lies, mothers all over the world know no boundaries. Mother’s Day is a day for us children to show our love and appreciation of our mothers’ hard work and dedication in bringing us into this world and giving us the best she can.

This mother’s day, Lucky Crystals is re-introducing our seasonal hearts!

Get your mother a heart for Mother’s Day to show her that your heart lies with her wherever your endeavours may bring you to.


Pink Heart *BEST SELLER!!!*[Pink Heart] for Mum – S$8

Red Heart [Red Heart] for Mum – S$8

For believers of everlasting love, get your hearts lovingly beaded with Swarovski Crystals for the long-lasting brilliance and shine. Let your mother keep your love for her for eternity!

[Swarovski Crystal Version (Amber or Rose)] – S$88

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  • April 21, 2009

    Lucky Crystals is getting OUT!

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    And so the story goes that one day the founders of Lucky Crystals was on the NEL when they saw this cute little dinosaur poster proclaiming that going OUT is the better deal.

    After much debate with ourselves, we have signed up for the closest-to-home deal.

    Yes, we now face the ultimate (ok not really) market litmus test.

    On the 23rd and 24th May 2009, spot us at the Residents Committee Bazaar around Bukit Batok East Avenue 4!

    *trying to insert the map… *


    March 19, 2009

    Lucky Crystals up on Facebook!

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    Yes, we finally have our own identity on Facebook!

    Friends and fans of Lucky Crystals can now join our Facebook Group and be constantly updated on our status. Be the first to know when we introduce new items, and be one of the few lucky early birds when we offer sprees!

    Your opinions count too! Join in the discussion at our forum with fellow friends, fans and members.

    Spread the word about Lucky Crystals.

    Add us!

    *people who add us for the sole purpose of spam will not be entertained*


    February 17, 2009


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    Formed by having 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons bonded side by side, in which no two pentagons share an edge, the Buckminsterfullerene (or “Buckyball”) is both scientifically significant and asthetically appealing.

    The “buckyball” has been widely used in architectual projects as being the “shape that encompasses the most space with the least structural support”, in addition to blending in most landscapes and being pleasing to the eye.

    In sports, the “buckyball” is the most commonly used design for modern soccer balls.

    [Buckyball] – S$8 / piece

    Jingle Ball

    Buckyball accessory - assorted colors

    Blue buckyball - Close up

    Blue buckyball - Close up

    Now, you can get your own beaded “buckyball” from Lucky Crystals! Each little “buckyball” is carefully hand beaded to perfection using high quality czech glass beads, with a small bell sneaked in for that crisp jingle everywhere you go. And did I mention it comes with a hook and strap too?

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    October 26, 2008

    We accept PayPal now!

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    Good news for overseas buyers! We now have a functioning PayPal account. This means, you can now purchase from us with ease of mind that we will never, ever need to know your credit card number or any sensitive information!

    Acceptance Mark

    With the introduction of PayPal, we have found it easier to accept orders from other parts of the world. Due to higher demand in the United States and Canada, we plan to start out our global expansion in these 2 countries. Hopefully the resulting success can allow us to roll out services to more destinations around the world!

    *NEW* We’ve extended our international shipment to the entire North America, Europe (including UK), and Asia! In time to come we may extend it to the whole world, depending on demand from other parts not currently included.

    More information for overseas buyers can be found at Purchase Details. If you have other queries, do feel free to drop us an email. 🙂

    – LC

    October 7, 2008

    Christmas Trinkets Galore!

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    Its the time of the year again for some jolly merry christmas parties!

    Are you already out looking for christmas gifts yet? Have you already heard the jingling bells and the heavenly carols? Are you one of the good little boys or girls who deserve a christmas present this year? Or are you the proud parent of one such little bundle of joy?

    As Lucky Crystals celebrates the Christmas Day in our first year, we are proud to announce a series of Christmas themed little trinkets!

    [#1: Ez Link Card Holder] – S$38

    Christmas Tree Ezlink Case

    Ez-link card holder : Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree Ezlink Case

    Card holder: Cards not included

    Tap in and out with a christmas spirit this festive season! Make your daily commutes more pleasant and turn heads around in office as you tap your way through, wherever you go!
    Holds up to 3 ez-link cards or up to 7 name cards.

    [#2: Snowman Standee] – S$10

    Snowman Standee

    Snowman Standee

    A cute little snowman who can stand! He can stand on his own on a relatively flat and hard surface.
    To fix him onto any surface, a blob of blu-tack will do the job cleanly.
    To hang him on your Christmas tree, just tie a string on his head and he’ll bob about lightly.
    2 inches tall and weighing less than 15g, your little snowman will brighten up your day any place, any time!

    [#3: Handphone strap: Snowflake] – S$8


    Frosty Snowflake

    This little snowflake is lovingly crafted with a mixture of glass beads and genuine swarovski crystals for a glimmering shine! Measuring just 1.5 inches from tip to tip, this miniature snowflake is suitable for various ornamental uses. Fits nicely as a handphone charm that screams “Tis the jolly season of the year again!”.

    [#4: Handphone strap: Tiny Santa] – S$6

    Tiny Santa

    Tiny Santa

    This tiny Santa Claus is just the piece that will bring out the merry festive spirit! Announce the arrival of Christmas time with a tiny Santa dangling on your handphone, pouch, bag, drawer, or even workstation. It’s just 1.5 inches tall, small enough to go anywhere with you!

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    September 4, 2008

    Starry Starry Night

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    Haven’t we all been fascinated by stars at one time or other in our lives? Just watching those twinkling little diamonds in the night sky on a lonely, cold, night gives us untold rush of feelings. Not to forget those little starry stickers our teachers gave us when we were very young, pasted on corners of worksheets, marking our achievements. And what about those paper stars we’ve folded for loved ones, wishing them peace, harmony, and good luck?

    Ah, interesting stars, they aren’t called Lucky Stars for nothing!

    Over here at Lucky Crystals, we offer a spectrum of stars for just about anybody!

    Aqua Star - S$5

    Rose Star - S$5

    Rose Star - S$5

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    August 6, 2008

    New Products Up :)

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    Sorry for the delay, kind of busy lately =x
    Limited edition Ez-Link holders: S$38 each

    Ezlink holder

    Ezlink holder

    Ezlink holder (Ezlink NOT included)

    Ezlink holder (Ezlink NOT included)

    Only FIVE of each design are ever made!
    Stock left:
    Dolphin: 1 piece!
    Ace of hearts: 4 pieces

    Elastic Bracelets: These bracelets measure 16cm (approx 6 inches) normally. It can be stretched up to double its length without breaking. Fits snugly over a wrist circumference of 5 – 7 inches. No clasps, no mess, no metallic ends sticking out! S$2 each



    Cubes: Yes, many cubes! We found that cubes are one of the easiest shapes to be creative about. There are 6 faces on a cube, each of them can be played about in a different manner to create synergy and beauty in itself. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We’ve spent lots of time and creative juices designing and making these cubes, and we do hope they go to people who would really appreciate them! S$10 each





    *Did I mention that these cubes are filled with a silver bell? It rings to signal your (or your handphone’s) presence! Good as a windchime too, or any other uses you can think of!*
    P.S. If you do make any special use of these cubes, do send in pictures of them in use to us. We may just be inspired to create designs more suited to your uses!


    July 2, 2008

    Fancy Ez-link covers!

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    Wow! We’re so busy its ages since we last introduced a new item! So sorry to keep everyone waiting!

    This time, we’re rolling out more elaborate designs. And best of all, they’re limited edition! This means we will only produce five pieces of each design, no more, no less! So if you see one you particularly like, grab it quick! All orders are first come first served, so if your order comes in earlier you have a higher chance of securing what you really want!

    Although we cannot guarantee you will get the design you asked for, we will reply to each and every email order all the same. 🙂


    [Design 1: Dolphin]

    Dolphin Ez Link Cover

    Dolphin Ez Link Cover

    Limited Edition! Limited: 5 pieces 3 pieces left! 
    Price: S$38

    [Design 2: Ace of Hearts]

    Ace of Hearts Ez Link Cover

    Limited Edition! Limited: 5 pieces left!
    Price: S$38

    Buy It Now!

    *Ez link card NOT included*

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